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Outpatient Services For Women

6112 NW 63rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73132

(405) 367-1011

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Safe, Confidential Services

Outpatient Services For Women is a full-service women's health clinic providing abortion and birth control services. Our facility is licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, and we have an experienced OBGYN on site.

We have offered quality care since 1984 so contact Outpatient Services For Women at (405) 367-1011 today!

Outpatient Services For Women has knowledgeable, compassionate counselors to answer all of your questions and help you determine the best course of action. Our OBGYN performs safe, confidential first- and second-trimester abortion procedures. We offer a full range of birth control options, including pills, IUDs and Depo-Provera. Come in today to get the guidance and care you need.

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(405) 367-1011

Special Offers

Also serving Oklahoma City as well as Oklahoma Statewide

All of our patients receive thorough, confidential care that addresses their individual needs and concerns. Our experienced counselors and doctors offer:

  • Complete Medical and Surgical Gynecological Services
  • Individual Counseling
  • Pregnancy Terminations (Abortions)

          o Nonsurgical Abortions (Up to Seven Weeks into a Pregnancy)
          o Surgical Abortions (Up to 23 Weeks into a Pregnancy)

  • Birth Control

          o Post-Abortion Birth Control
          o IUDs and Birth Control Pills
          o Depo-Provera

Come in for safe, compassionate care.

(405) 367-1011

Outpatient Services For Women has provided safe women's healthcare since 1984. Some of our credentials and benefits include:

  • License from the State of Oklahoma Health Department
  • Licensed, On-Site OBGYN Physician
  • Experienced Counselors

Get guidance and counseling today.

(405) 367-1011

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